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1. Hours of Operation: Dawn to Dusk. Closed from November until late April.

2. These rules exist for the purpose of maintaining our MTB Skills Park and providing an opportunity for all to use it. Each user of the MTB Skills Park is asked to cooperate, follow, and to assist in enforcing them including but not limited to, the use of alcohol and controlled substances are strictly prohibited.

3. Please be considerate of others so that the MTB Skills Park may be enjoyed by everyone entitled to use it. CARRY IN, CARRY OUT. Please clean up and dispose of trash items accordingly.

4. The MTB Skills Park is unsupervised. Use of this area is at your own risk. You are solely responsible for your safety. Ride within your limits and abilities.

5. Any rider nine (9) years old or younger must be supervised by an adult.

6. The skills park features vary in difficulty and are located on trails for beginners, intermediate and advanced

7. All motorized vehicles except for wheelchairs are strictly prohibited within the MTB Skills Park.

8. All riders must wear a helmet at all times while riding in the MTB Skills Park. Other appropriate safety gear, like pads, are recommended.

9. Ride only during dry conditions. The MTB Skills Area will be closed accordingly during wet conditions. This will help maintain the quality and sustainability of the tracks.

10. Damaging, Destroying, Moving, etc. any ramps or equipment is prohibited.

11. Food or glass containers prohibited.

12. No private instruction or group activities are allowed without written permit from the Phoenixville Recreation Dept.

13. The Borough of Phoenixville has the authority to close the site at any time including, but not limited to, maintenance, inclement weather conditions and special permit.

14. Always pay attention to your own safety, be courteous and be aware of other riders. Children must be supervised when riding in the skills area. This can help ensure the facility will be open to the public in the future.

15. ONE WAY travel only. Please follow the posted directional guides for each track. Do not jump between tracks. If you do not wish to continue on the track you are on, you may dismount and walk within the resting areas back to the beginning of the track.

16. All forms of mountain biking are potentially dangerous and your risk increases in special areas such as this containing enhanced terrain and technical features.

17. In case of Emergency Call 911.  Location 601 FRANKLIN AVE, PHOENIXVILLE PA 19460


Please Report any maintenance needs or dangerous conditions to the Recreation Dept Office at 610-933-7728.

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