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More Kids On Bikes  

Our Mission

Our mission is to get more kids on bikes. Our primary focus is in support of youth mountain biking.
We believe that mountain biking is an exciting lifetime activity that not only offers an opportunity for physical exercise, but also supports mental health & emotional well-being.

One  of the ways we deliver on our mission is to engage with all socio-economic levels of families located in and near the Phoenixville, PA community by offering resources to the student-athletes participating in the local youth mountain bike team; Phoenixville "Inferno". M.K.O.B. has acquired new and lightly used mountain bikes in good working order to offer to the families of student-athletes at a free-of-cost or low cost bike leasing program for the season. More Kids On Bikes also provides helmets, safety equipment, lights and hydration systems to team members in need. M.K.O.B. also covers the cost of the individual team dues if needed, and helps the family request financial aid from the national level. This allows kids to be part of the mountain bike team who may not otherwise have access to ride due to the steep and annual rising costs of the sport.

Mountain biking helps build self-confidence, teaches perseverance, and develops and nurtures the value of personal goal-setting, strengthens leadership skills, and highlights the importance of understanding team building dynamics. Youth mountain bike programs also focus on proper shared trail riding etiquette, education on natural resource stewardship, and community service work like trail maintenance and bike rider safety activism.

We pride ourselves on reinforcing bike safety measures, providing group riding opportunities and building local partnerships.

We are a community of inclusion. Mountain biking (no matter how cold it is outside) is a place of warmth and welcome to all!


We strive to be a space for all with an emphasis on equity, equality, safety, access and community.

President: Heather P. Weirich, Vice President: Andrew Libby, Secretary: Aimee Shelton, Treasurer: Carlo Ferri,

Board Members: Chad Sindaco, W. Christian Weirich, Gary Generose

EIN 85-0752093

"Inferno" MTB

Supporting the Student-Athletes and the Coaches of Phoenixville "Inferno" Youth MTB team a NICA/PICL affilatiation.

Supporting Student-Athletes with the Mountain Bike Lease Program, Free Race Jersey Lending, providing Cost-Support Program for Bike Maintenance and Safety Equipment and making sure each bike has what it needs to run smoothly and and safely.

M.K.O.B. can't support the student-athletes of the PXV MTB team or the local trails were it not for passionate, dedicated adults leading the charge! 

Trail Maintenance

IMBA Local partnership and
MICA Teen Trail Corp! 

Through PICL and NICA, student-athletes who volunteer outside of bike practice by helping maintain and cut trails are recognized through the "Teen Trail Corp Program". Student-Athletes earn recognition through volunteer hours. This is a year 'round program in which every hour is logged. Student-Athletes can distinguish themselves in the NICA community by earning the TTC Hours and TTC Captain Status.

M.K.O.B. is here to help by building community partnerships with local land managers, allowing trail days to be scheduled and carried out. We are THRILLED to announce that we are the newest IMBA LOCAL AFFILIATE!

Phoenixville Bike Park!

M.K.O.B. is looking forward to helping raise funds for a new PHOENIXVILLE BIKE PARK slated for construction at Reservoir Park in Phoenixville, PA .
Phase 1 begins mid-November in 2022

Phase 2 and Completion in March of 2023.

Designed by professional bike skill park builder Dirt Sculpt L.L.C., this new destination promises to be the best in the area!
With three trails; Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced,. Kids and adults of all ages will enjoy this skills park for decades to come!

What better way to get more kids on bikes than to provide them (and their grown-ups) with unique and fun opportunities to ride bikes in their neighborhood park?

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Board of Directors

President:  Heather Pasqualino Weirich​

Vice President:  Andrew Libby

Secretary:  Aimee Shelton

Treasurer:  Carlo Ferri

Board Member:  Chad Sindaco

Board Member:  W. Christian Weirich  

Board Member:  Gary Generose

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